turin & turin clayworks
Lars and Connie Turin began working together in clay (and in life) in 2012. Prior to their union, Lars spent 35+ years as an art instructor in public and private schools in NYS. His first love was always ceramics which he perfected while teaching and raising his family. Connie took a liking to clay back in high school, even spending a summer as a potters’ apprentice, only to shift gears and head in other directions until she and Lars began collaborating. Together they are ‘turin & turin clayworks.’

Lars utilizes his skill on the potters wheel to create incredible one of a kind textural vessels using a technique that forces the clay surface to fracture as he expands and refines the form. He works in various clay types and sculpting, wheel and hand techniques. His unique sculptural pieces, often created with a central theme, connect nature and people and highlight the dynamics between them.

Connie focuses on a variety of hand building methods. Like Lars, she uses the fracturing technique to create their collection’s more organic vases and bowls. Her love of color comes out in her work as the company ‘colorist’ and her interest in surface treatments can be seen in her intricate sgraffito pieces and hand painted ‘story’ cups and bowls.

Living and working in Southern Maine has captured the hearts and creative minds of the Turins who continue to explore both the coast of Maine and their love of ceramic fine art and craft. 

Stay tuned as there is always something new forming at ‘turin & turin clayworks.’

About Us

Lars and Connie in their clay studio, York, ME.
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