turin & turin clayworks
Lars’ fine art works express his personal and spiritual growth and speak to the human connection to nature and to one another. His inspirations come from his interpersonal relationship to self and others and from the forces within nature and the patterns that those forces create, especially those on the seacoast. 

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Vessel-textured & glazed, 9"H x 10"W
Bronze Warrior Queen, 2016. SOLD
Porcelain textured bottle, 2014.
Impact, sculptural wall hanging, 2015.
Fin Series, 2015.
Three Warriors, Warrior Series. Hand-built, porcelain, 2015. SOLD

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Above left: Queen, 2017. Wheel thrown torso with sculpted head. Torso is colored with engobes. The Queen's head, hair and neckline are painted with oils. 

Above: Stone Figures in black and white. 
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